2014 Industry and Service Award winners and finalists

Connections UnitingCare Bushfire Season Outreach Visit Safety Program

Connections Uniting Care recognised that their employees are at risk when traveling to and from outreach visits. So they implemented a policy specifically for bushfire season. The policy includes all staff attending a session on bushfire risk prior to bushfire season each year. Additionally during bushfire season UnitingCare sends out daily emails to all staff highlighting the bushfire rating for the day, and their expectations for their staff. Additionally all staff are provided with a bushfire kit to take in their car when they travel during bushfire season just in case the weather changes while they are traveling to and from outreach visits.

Mornington Peninsula Tourism – Operators and Information

The Mornington Peninsular has approximately five million visitors per year to the region. CFA and Tourism Mannington Peninsular identified the need to ensure that all tourism information centre employees and tourism operators were confident to talk to visitors that they are visiting a high bushfire risk area and where they could get information how to be bushfire prepared.

Tourism Mornington Peninsular and Tourism Victoria developed a series of workshops to ensure that local tourism information centre staff and tourism operators are informed about where to source information about bushfire information for visitors. The workshops focus on planning for bushfire, informing visitors and business continuity.

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