2014 Multicultural Award winner

Eastern Metro Burmese Communities Fire Engagement Project

In early 2013 there was a series of small fires in Warrandyte State Park.

After investigation it became apparent in the majority of cases the fires were caused by small camp fires lit by members of the Eastern Metro Burmese community, who would visit the park to fish and cook. They weren’t aware what they were doing was illegal or that they hadn’t extinguished their fire properly.

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Multi Agency Community Engagement team who were tasked address this problem came up with a solution that focused on fire safety education with the assistance of the local Burmese population.

The group developed a 12 month program which included the translation of fire safety brochures into five Burmese dialects, information sessions for the Burmese Community, a community day in the park and involvement in a English as a Second language Expo.

Since completion of the project there have been no further fire incidents related to Eastern Metro Burmese community recreational fishing.

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