2014 Product Design winner

Harcor Arm Core Cooler Harness

The Team at Harcor decided to tackle the issue of heat stress on fire fighters. Multiple studies around the world focused on the effectiveness of submerging teams fire fighters hand and forearms in water, as a quick, safe and practical method of reducing the core body temperature.

Harcor’s challenge was to create a simple low cost durable cooling device that could withstand the extreme conditions of a fire ground, this resulted in the creation of the Harcor Arm Core Cooler Harness.

After the prototype was developed the team at Harcor arranged for CFA to test and assess its effectiveness. As result of the trial several minor design changes were made. A further six month trial was undertaken resulting in the CFA deciding to make the Harcor Arm Core Cooler Harness a standard equipment on new CFA medium pumpers.

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