2015 Fire Service Award for Partnership winner


Voluntary Grain Harvesting Guide – Trial 2014/15

This project focussed on ignition of grass fires by harvesting equipment. These ignitions and the impact of the fire has huge social effects on small valuable agricultural communities.

In 2014, the CFA in partnership with the Victorian Farmers Federation launched a pilot voluntary grain harvesting guide program which encouraged farmers to determine their local grassland fire danger index during harvesting season.

The program was initially piloted in Warracknabeal and Ebeneze where local farmers were encouraged by their local CFA members and the Victorian Farmers Federation to take part in the program.

The farmers were given the tools to determine their grassland fire danger index during harvesting season and were asked to cease harvesting on high fire risk days.

To calculate their grassland fire danger index the farmers used  localised factors including relative humidity, temperature, wind speed, fuel curing, crop type and took into consideration whether there were any fire breaks in close proximity. If the rating was 35 or above it was recommended not to harvest their crops on that day.

The program was deemed a success as the farmers involved in the program participated in a voluntary capacity and all parties involved in the program accepted ownership of the project.

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