2016 Community-led Prevention Award winner and finalist


Friends of Bethanga Creek

The ‘Friends of Bethanga Creek Project’ was initiated by the Bethanga Recreation Reserve Committee of Management to manage weeds along the Bethanga Creek. The projects aimed to reduce the fire risk and improve the visual appeal of the creek.

Working with the local CFA, the Friends Group listed the Creek on the DELWP Fire Operations Plan. Following an initial trial burn and a community meeting, DELWP staff successfully completed the hazard reduction burn in partnership with CFA Brigades and members of the friends group.

Friends of Bethanga Creek helped prepare the burn site and held a number of working bees to build on the success of the burn including: weed spraying, removal of elm suckers, and slashing.

The project is taking a long-term view in order to create a resilient, healthy and safe creek that aligns with other similar works in the area.


Bushfire Arson and Reckless Fire Campaign


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