2016 Fire Services Award for Local-led Prevention and Preparedness winner and finalists


#Weworkasone – Mallacoota Community Safety and Resilience Support Group Projects

Mallacoota is a very small, remote community with a high bushfire risk.

‘Weworkasone’ aimed to develop community knowledge, increase local preparedness and the community’s ability to respond to and recover from emergencies.

During the projects,  local emergency management agencies worked together with the local community across a broad range of initiatives, including:

  • A CFA and community radio 3 MBG partnership with a weekly Emergency Services Hour
  • CFA information trailers at local markets
  • A ‘Managing Bush-fire Risk’ community meeting
  • Inter-agency community meetings and site visits to discuss planned burning
  • Joint DELWP and CFA delivery of planned burns
  • Domestic fire extinguisher training for residents
  • A program to involve youth as junior firefighters
  • Planning the ‘Double Creek extravaganza’ held in September on local private land

This collaborative project has resulted in a large number of people from the local population being able to access information and discuss issues. The partnerships have started new discussions within the community and the project is seen as the beginning of an ongoing process.


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