2017 Community Learning and Knowledge Winner and Finalists


Monterey Fire Ready

Monterey Fire Ready is an education program developed by Monterey Secondary College in collaboration with Magenta Safety Training and Parks Victoria. Through a Public Safety Certificate in Fire Awareness, students at the college learn a range of practical skills about fire, such as safe clothing, how to respond to a car accident, and electrical safety in the home. The program also connects with Parks Victoria, where students are involved in fuel monitoring in their local area.

The benefits of the program have been wide-ranging and about more than just fire awareness. For students, working with firefighters on practical skills has motivated them to learn, provided mentors, opened up new career pathways and deterred arson.

Judges commended the project for effectively promoting fire safety and for its transformative impact on students.

Special Commendation

Ash Wednesday Bushfire Education Centre (AWBEC)


Best Laid Plans

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