The Community Learning and Knowledge Award recognises a fire-related project that demonstrates increased community knowledge and/or learning to support fire awareness. This award seeks to encourage projects that demonstrate lifelong learning.

Examples of projects include but are not restricted to:
– Innovative accredited training programs in schools and registered training organisations
– Student exhibitions
– Community training workshops
– Creative and accessible education programs
– Integrated units of inquiry
– Students teaching students initiatives and
– Learning through action initiatives

This award is open to the Community stream:
Community – this stream includes not-for-profit organisations, individuals, community groups, volunteer groups, schools or tertiary institutions (including community education/training providers). ^

^DELWP, CFA, MFB, EMV and PV employees and members are NOT eligible to enter community categories. Fire services, state and local government, industry and business should apply to one of the Government and Industry categories:
· Partnership
· Diversity
· Innovation

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The Community Learning and Knowledge Award is a new category for 2017, a broader range of projects are now eligible for this category (see examples above). The 2016 and 2015 Education Award winners are still great examples for this category. For more examples of winning and finalist projects, check out Winners and Finalists in the top menu on this page.

2016 Education Award winner
Emergency Services Journey

2015 Education Award winner
Anglesea Fire Education Initiative – ‘Survive and Thrive’ Program

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