The Community-led Prevention Award recognises projects that have been led by community groups or individuals and are focused on helping to reduce the incidence or severity of bush, grass or structure fire. These projects are developed and delivered by Victorian communities and have led to improved fire awareness and positive action taken.

Fire service agency involvement can be in a supporting role, where appropriate, but projects must be community-led or initiated.

Example projects include, but are not restricted to:

  • Sustainable and safe fuel reduction
  • Community-led home, bush and grassfire education
  • Projects that lead to improved fire safety behavior
  • Projects that introduce better processes around fire risk reduction
  • Workshops, conferences, community development, events, planning, safety strategies, publications, online communications, etc.

The Award will be judged in two streams:

  • Community – this stream includes not-for-profit organisations, individuals, community groups, volunteer groups, schools or tertiary institutions.
  • Industry  – this stream includes commercial enterprise, business, local council or government departments who collaborate with communities to reduce the incidence or severity fire.

2015 Community-led Prevention and Preparedness winners

Indigenous Fire Knowledge Project (Community Stream)


Wimmera fire prevention partnership (Industry Stream)



The project must be initiated and led by individuals, groups or organisations external to Victoria’s three fire service agencies (MFB, CFA and DELWP), but can involve one or more fire agencies in a supporting role – for example providing expert advice or acting as a subject matter expert.

Where appropriate projects must meet the standards and procedures of the Victorian fire agencies.

Projects that have been previously shortlisted as a Fire Awareness Award finalist cannot be resubmitted without further significant development.

All projects entered must have been in place within 2 years of the opening date for entry in the 2016 Awards (30 June 2014 and 30 June 2016), and implemented in Victoria.

CFA, DELWP, MFB, EMV and Parks Victoria employees and members are ineligible to enter this award.

Fire service agencies should apply to one of the Fire Services Awards: Local-led Prevention and Preparedness; Partnership; or Project of State Significance awards.

Examples of projects

2014 Community-led Prevention Award finalist

Community Corrections CFA Bushfire Prevention Partnership (Gippsland)- led by CFA

After the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission recommended the development of and implement of new roadside fuel management strategies to better manage roadside vegetation and the associated bushfire risk to the community.

To implement and manage new roadside fuel management strategy the Gippsland’s CFA needed far more man hours of preparation that their volunteers could contribute.  To make up the necessary of man hours, the Gippsland CFA approached the local arm of Department of Justice, Community Corrections.

Together they established two teams of up to 20 offenders who were trained and equipped to undertake works on a weekly basis in targeted very high and extreme bushfire risk communities.

This partnership resulted in the teams constructed several kilometres of fuel reduction burn control lines, significantly contributing to the CFA fuel reduction burn program.

Not only did this program benefit this local community by being able to meet the Victorian Royal Commission’s recommendations therefore reducing the risk to the local community, the program also lead to improved self-esteem of the offenders involved in the program.

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