The Fire Services Award for Local-led Prevention and Preparedness recognises fire focused prevention and preparedness initiatives led by local Victorian fire service members working together with their local communities and where possible demonstrating inter-agency collaboration .

This category is only open to MFB firefighters on station, CFA Brigade members (volunteer and career) and DELWP, EMV and Parks Victoria employees who have developed and led a community based project.

2015 Fire Services Award for Local-led Prevention and Preparedness winner

New parents’ safety program


Winners are ineligible for the RACV Award for Excellence.

Where appropriate projects must meet the standards and procedures of the Victorian fire agencies.

Projects that have been previously shortlisted as a Fire Awareness Award finalist cannot be resubmitted without further significant development.

All projects entered must have been in place within 2 years of the opening date for entry in the 2016 Awards (30 June 2014 and 30 June 2016), and implemented in Victoria.

Project examples

2015 Fire Services Award for Local-led Prevention and Preparedness finalists

Caravan Park Operators – Fire awareness, preparedness and response, CFA Ocean Grove Brigade

Developed by CFA Ocean Grove Fire Brigade volunteer members and Caravan Park Operators, the fire awareness, preparedness and response program ensures that local caravan park operators are aware of the fire risks that their environment poses and what actions to undertake in case of a fire. The program includes a four hour session run in early December each year where the CFA Community Fire Safety Officer, the Council Municipal EHO and the Council Building Surveyor provide attendees with practical information on the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective Emergency Management Plan for their park.

The brigade also conducts pre-summer visits to the local caravan parks in conjunction with the inspection of areas identified in Bellarine Fire Brigades’ Group Community Safety Plan.  In 2014, more than 60 caravan park operators participated in the program in Ocean Grove.

Caravan Park Operators2


Macclesfield’s fuel reduction program, CFA Macclesfield

In 2013, prior to fire season, the CFA Macclesfield Brigade set about reducing fuel in the area beyond the government mandate. They identified the large forest area North and North West of the township posed a high risk and that they needed to reduce fuel loads in the area.

They initially looked at how fire travels and undertook an impact assessment on the area. They then worked with their local Landcare and local residents to identify the types of plants in the area and their potential impact if a fire came through the region.

From this planning and research the team were able to undertake weed removal, revegetation and planned burning over two properties, totalling 50 hectares over several years.

 Macclesfielf Fuel Reduction Program2


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