The Fire Services Award for a Project of State Significance recognises an innovative fire project that demonstrates best practice by a fire service agency. The project must have either a statewide application or make a significant impact or improvement to fire service operations or outcomes and where possible demonstrate inter-agency collaboration.

This category is only open to fire service agencies – MFB, CFA, DELWP, EMV and Parks Victoria.

2015 Fire Services Award for a Project of State Significance Award


Winners are ineligible for the RACV Award for Excellence.

Where appropriate projects must meet the standards and procedures of the Victorian fire agencies.

Projects that have been previously shortlisted as a Fire Awareness Award finalist cannot be resubmitted without further significant development.

All projects entered must have been in place within 2 years of the opening date for entry in the 2016 Awards (30 June 2014 and 30 June 2016), and implemented in Victoria.

Examples of projects

2015 Fire Services Award for a Project of State Significance finalists

DELWP Bushfire Management Program, led by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning developed the Bushfire Management Program in collaboration with Parks Victoria. The program delivers strategic solutions for managing bushfire risk, through a local delivery model that uses world leading fire science and computer simulation technology to drive solutions tailored to community needs. For the first time, Victorian communities are able to see where the highest bushfire risk across the landscape lies, and have been actively involved in the discussions on how to reduce and manage the risk.

This breakthrough technical ability allows us to determine where to focus our bushfire management activities to achieve the best risk reduction outcomes. This has driven significant advances in DELWP’s approach to bushfire fuel management in particular. Sophistication in fire science and smarter engagement with communities has enabled DELWP to target its fuel management activities where they deliver the greatest risk reduction outcomes for Victorian communities. The initiative has demonstrated that DELWP is committed not only to investing in research in order to innovate, but also in applying the outcomes of research in new ways for the benefit of all Victorians.

 DELWP Bushfire Management Program1

Vehicle Mounted Drip Torch, led by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Mk8 vehicle mounted drip torch has been developed for the purpose of providing an efficient and safe method for fuel reduction burning in well vegetated areas of Victoria. Its development has reduced staff exposure to hazards including chemical contact (burn mix fuel) , fire, fatigue, heat stress, hazardous terrain, overhead falling objects, slips, trips and falls.

It also allows for more ground to be covered at a higher speed than a typical field staff person can accomplish on foot. This means field staff that would previously have been tasked with manual ignition (hand held drip torches) can be reassigned to contain the planned burn fire perimeter instead of ignition tasking.

 DELWP Vehicle Mounted Drip Torch1


2014 Smoke Alarms – Advocacy and practice for ‘at risk’ groups,


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