The Innovation Award recognises the use of innovation in encouraging participation in processes or applications that increase fire awareness, through the use of arts, design, technology, product development, engagement approaches, processes

This must be a Victorian-based innovation.

Projects submitted in the Innovation category must meet the relevant industry standards for the nature of the entry.

Examples of projects include but are not restricted to:
– The role of art in encouraging participation
– Innovative community communication tools or apps
– Community safety warning systems
– Products that contribute to fire-fighting operations
– Building design and construction
– Community design solutions
– New fire safety programs/approaches
– Innovative use of information/communication technology etc

The award is open to both streams:
Community – this stream includes not-for-profit organisations, individuals, community groups, volunteer groups, school or tertiary institutions.
Government and Industry – this stream includes commercial enterprise, business, fire services and state or local government.

An award will be presented to both catgeory streams.

The Innovation Award is an updated version of the Innovation and Design Award, this new category is open to a broader range of projects (see examples above). The 2016 and 2015 Innovation and Design Award winners are still great examples of this category. For more examples of winning and finalist projects, check out Winners and Finalists in the top menu on this page.

2016 Innovation and Design Award winner
Early Vegetation Fire Detection System for Overhead Power-Line

2015 Innovation and Design Award winner
Medium Pumper

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