The Media Award recognises excellence in reporting on an issue related to fire safety or outstanding coverage of a fire-related incident by a content producer (such as a writer, journalist, blogger, photo journalist or other) from a recognised media outlet.

Entries may also include a series of stories on a similar topic or event, or an investigative piece that has led to increased awareness of fire safety through innovative and responsible reporting and promotion.

This category is open to: Media Content Producers from a recognised media outlet.

2015 Media Award winner

Fire risk caused by the use of non-compliant building products


The media report must have been broadcast or published between 30 June 2015 and 30 June 2016 in Victoria.

Winners are ineligible for the RACV Award for Excellence.

CFA, DELWP, MFB, EMV and Parks Victoria employees and members are ineligible to enter this category.

Fire service agencies should apply to one of the Fire Services Awards: Local-led Prevention and Preparedness; Partnership; or Project of State Significance awards.

Example of coverage

2015 Media Award finalists

Bushfire season is here, the fire crews are ready – are you?, by Darren Gray – The Age

Darren wanted to address community complacency and remind people of the dangers posed by bushfires. In a series of articles, he highlighted a community who was responding to the summer bushfire threat early in the summer before the threat became extreme. The main interview subject was Warrandyte, due to the severe fire threat the community faced in February 2014. Darren highlighted that the 2014 fire was a frightening wake-up call for locals.


Illegal Rooming House Hazards, by Alexis Daish – Nine News Melbourne

The story included thorough research and tip offs from contacts over a period of months to produce an exclusive investigation into illegal rooming houses and the extreme fire safety hazards which are associated with them. When it was revealed that over-occupied rooms had added fuel to the Lacrosse building fire, it became clear that tenants of these residences lacked some understanding of fire prevention and awareness.

In doing so, the story raised awareness of the fire safety hazards in these homes and communicated to other victims in the community that they do not have to accept these fire hazards. Ultimately, the goal of the report was to highlight to other tenants the fire safety issues they face and to urge them to take action to protect themselves and their families.

 Illegal Rooming House


2014 A Summer of Bushfires, Wimmera Mail-Times



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