Each year RACV presents an Award for Excellence to the most outstanding project entered in the Fire Awareness Awards. The Award includes a prize of $10,000 and acknowledges the hard work, innovation and dedication that has gone into delivering the project.

The RACV Award for Excellence aims to encourage a high standard of applications both now and into the future.

The recipient of the RACV Award for Excellence will be selected from the winning projects in the following categories*:

  • Access and Inclusion
  • Community Learning and Knowledge
  • Community Prevention and Preparedness
  • Innovation
  • Recovery

Only one RACV Award for Excellence will be awarded.

*Fire Services and State Government are not eligible for entry into the RACV Award for Excellence.


Judging parameters include but are not limited to:

  • Projects that have delivered a measurable benefit to the community or community safety
  • Projects that have delivered a substantial leap forward in the use of technologies, design or construction techniques
  • Projects that demonstrate substantial innovation or creative thinking in its relevant field.

2016 RACV Award for Excellence winner
Ready2Go Program 

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